Ron Ramey to speak on the topic of Outhouses at the Phil Sheridan Lecture Series in Somerset

This outhouse, at the rear of the Babb House, performs “double doody.”

Would you like to be “privy” to a fun filled evening?  Come to the Perry County Historical and Cultural Arts Society’s Phil Sheridan Lecture Series.  On Saturday, November 28, noted historian and former educator, Ron Ramey, will present an evening of  Appalachian history and humor as he pays homage to one of his favorite subjects, the outhouse.

Once upon a time, these handy little gems were an integral part of the Appalachian Ohio landscape.  In fact, most people born before 1960, in rural Ohio, probably have some sort of memory or association with having had to utilize an outhouse. For the rest of us, our only point of reference may be having to experience one first hand in one of Ohio’s numerous parks or rest stops.  Of course, currently, the very mention of an outhouse,  is generally met with snickers or perhaps a story about how so and so was tipped over in one.  For some obscure reason, outhouses hold a special place in the hearts of Appalachian Ohio people.

The lecture will be held at the Perry County District Library, Somerset Annex, near the Clay Haus, on Main St.  Ron Ramey will delight all who attend with stories, poetry, and good old fashioned reminiscences and history.  This lecture, as all of our lectures are free and open to all who wish to attend.  See you there!

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