Regretfully, due to the possibility of inclement weather, members of The Perry County Historical and Cultural Arts Society have chosen to cancel the 2015 Oktoberfest.  The festival, complete with heritage artisans, music, history and food, is a much-anticipated event in and around Perry County.  It is a day to celebrate the rich arts and German pioneer culture of the area and to take a day off, relax, visit, stroll the farmer’s market, and enjoy the music.  It is a charming small town event, which exemplifies the sense of community one feels within Perry County and Somerset. It is a chance to share our unique cultural heritage with others, to celebrate the accomplishments of our ancestors, and to pay homage to all who have gone before and sacrificed for the betterment of the county.  We would like to thank all of our sponsors, county officials, and the Ohio Arts Council, who have aided us in our endeavor of providing quality programming for the people of Perry County.  Furthermore, we would like to thank Perry County Historical Society members for graciously donated so very much of their time preparing for the event and the people of the county, who make the event truly spectacular by attending.  If you were planning on attending, please take the time to visit the farmer’s market in Somerset.  They will still be on hand selling local artisan foods, and other locally crafted items.

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